Powdery Mildew or something else on Japanese Maple??

Discussion in 'Maples' started by MatthewC85, Jul 16, 2020.

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    557046FA-41FB-4063-A242-7E84903B01AD.jpeg 131E4124-0F5C-4EFA-8963-9596A017F00E.jpeg Good evening folks ,

    Over the past week or two I’ve noticed a mildew forming on some of the branches on my Tamuke-yama maple . The mildew is white and not thick and can easily be wiped off with a finger . The best way to describe it as a frosty effect . I’ve asked local garden centres who informed me it’s most likely powdery mildew and to use lime-sulfur but I’m hesitant for the reasons I don’t want to damage my tree it’s young , and I’m not even sure it’s powdery mildew so I turn to the forum here for your opinions . I will attach photos showering the mildew (frost looking) and it’s not on any of the leafs just on Some * of the branches nor is it anywhere near the trunk of the tree .
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    @MatthewC85 , good morning Mathew, first of all I like your profile photo, Charles Le Clerc ?
    Next to your maple, I agree it is powdery mildew and should be treated as soon as possible. Do not worry as it will not kill your tree, but when it moves to the leaves and it will, a lot will curl , brown and drop
    Again do not worry, it will be an aesthetic problem only this year.
    Spraying is effective as a prevention and there are different methods in different countries. In the UK I use Fungus fighter plus, but this is a chemical method and some on the forums do not approve, there is also the diluted copper sulfate approach, but it is up to you. Do collect any leaves that fall and destroy as this fungus will spread if you don't.
    Tamukeyama maples are prone to this due to their compact nature, not allowing free flow of air to circulate. Where you place it is also important and more sun will help.

    Hope this is of help and again do not worry.

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