Preserving Agricultural Biodiversity

Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by Daniel Mosquin, Jul 7, 2004.

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    mmmmm delicious

    Well, I am certainly in favour of the Ark of Taste and Presidia projects. I am always in search of new flavours and culinary products; many of these "new" flavours are traditional crops that are only new to me. Our modern agriculture industry often forgets the importance of taste, favouring efficient crop production and ease of handling and storage instead.

    Growing up on a farm, I was nourished by many varieties of garden crops that are not commonly available in todays markets as well as by foods that we harvested from wild areas on our property. The flavours were so rich and seemed to be full of the essence of life. Products in our modern markets are abundant and some of them very tasty, but they do not often compare to the rich palate of the foods I remember from my childhood.

    Of course many of these crops are hard to bring to market and most of us may not be able to afford a steady diet of the finest culinary vegetables and fruits. Presumably most of the readers of these forums have some type of garden. If you don't already grow edibles consider adding something like a gooseberry or currant shrub to your landscape or some exotic herbs or heirloom tomatoes to your balcony garden. In this way you can enjoy the best tastes and help preserve rare varieties of agricultural crops.

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