Propagation: Problem with Weeping Japanese Maple

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Robert Arber, May 17, 2012.

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    One of the two Weeping Japanese Maples that we planted 2 years ago is acting strange. It is thriving at the trunk where new shoots are appearing, but at the branches they all appear to be dead.
    We are in the East Kootenays which is supposed to be a Zone 5, but some people say it is more like a Zone 3 to 4 as the winter wind chill where this one troublesome tree is can be quite prolonged.
    Also I thought could it be soil temperature that is effecting this one trees slow Spring start up but it has been relatively warm now for a couple of weeks now so I guess soil temp is not the problem.
    The 2 Weeping Japanese Maples are planted within 10 feet of each other and the trouble free maple is doing wonderfully and has had a normal start-up and growth since early Spring.
    I have fed them 20-20-20 they get lots of direct sun and they are well watered.
    Can anybody think of the cause of why this is happening to one of these trees?
    Thank you,
    Robert Arber

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