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  1. Hello everybody

    a friend of mine is trying to help some people to sell their property in Costa Rica. It's a property that has always served for horticulture.
    I told my friend I'd help him. That's how I came on this forum.
    Does anyone know where he should advertise for this? Or, maybe there's someone on the forum willing to start a whole new life in Costa Rica?
    Here's the description of the property :

    The property which covers an area of 35 hectares (approximately 86.48 acres) is situated in Bufalo, on the Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica, 20 km from the port and city of Limon and only 800 m from the main highway leading to San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica.

    The region where the plantation is situated, which is behind the Cordillera Central, is primarily an agricultural one where ornamental plants, flowers and various fruits, such as bananas are grown. The climate is generally tropical and has a rainy season with frequent downpours.

    Actually, only 4 hectares (almost 10 acres) of the land has been cultivated with ornamental plants of the family Dracaena Marginata Verde, but the land that is fertile for growing exceeds 19 hectares (almost 47 acres). The rest of the land includes various fruit-bearing (i.e. coconut) palms and several other species of tropical trees and flowering plants, which are all extremely beautiful.

    The privileged location of the land offers a breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean conducive to breezes, which are favorable to plant growth, yet prevents the growth of fungus and the presence of parasites, both very important factors in eliminating further expenses in man-power and chemicals, comparatively to most other farms that dont have these natural advantages.

    The farm also possesses great potential for agro/tourist development, allowing for construction of bungalows on the portion of land with the best view. There is no lack of water on this land, either, as not only does it rain often enough, but there is also a recently excavated well, and thanks to the elevated position of the terrain, rainwater naturally runs off rather than collecting, further preventing possibility of bacteria from standing water.

    The property has (readily available) all of the facilities and tools necessary for work, including walk-in cooler and wooden edifice, a packaging area for the expediting of plants and also a living quarters for the security guard.

    With the owner on site, the production of this farm could be enlarged and become very profitable. Therefore we urge any interested party to come to Costa Rica to preview this property in person.

    Following the purchase of the land, our staff is willing to remain on-site, as long as necessary in order to ensure a smooth transition.

    The owners are two Belgian brothers who are in their eighties, and have retired. The price is really a bargain!

    Any help is mostly appreciated.



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