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    I am new at graftig JM. This my first attempt. I started in late February with Acer rootstock. Took care to sterilize equipment, made veneer side cut and made great effort to match cambium layers of scion with acer. I only used grafting tape. It appeared I had one of ten to take. However later in March /April the leaves from that scion fell off and scion appears to be dead. I then tried Summer grafting usinf the veneer method and the summer graft technique I will call "bark graft" with shoots of scion. I used rubber bands, grafting tape and sealed top of graft tape with wx to try to keep scion from drying out. Some of these appear to be taking and are green but I don't see any evidence of survival of leave are putting out. So far I am very disappointed in my efforts. I am not ready to throw in towel and want to be successfu. Can anyone offer guidance, words of encouragement and tell me what I am doing incorrectly. I am located in SE USA..Georgia.
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    Not sure if this helps but we would always start the rootstocks out of hibernation just slightly before grafting, this was done on a warm bench.
    The scions were taken from fully dormant plants. Good success rate.
    This obviously only applies to spring grafting.
    I'm sure you will find a wealth of experienced grafters to help you to success.
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