Pruning: Pruning an Ozakazuki

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Otto Bjornson, May 23, 2022.

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    I created this video this morning. I let the Ozakazuki get really thick with foilage before starting this video. We transplanted from a container into the garden last spring. This spring with the roots fully established, the growth rate is quite rapid.
    I generally use the same approach when pruning. always taking off the young shoots by hand, then onto the trimmers to finish thing off
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    Enjoyed the informative video Otto. I find Osakazuki can put out an amazing amount of growth also. Have to give it a Summer prune every year.
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    Not too long, not to wordy, but very informative as usual : it's always a pleasure to watch your videos Otto.

    Here, there would be a second flush, the summer now ends at the end of October, mid, or even late November...

    There are at least two that I will prune : a 'Beni maiko' and a 'Summer Gold'. I don't know the kind of fertilizers they use, but the growth is spectacular.
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