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    I have a friend who recently moved into a new house in Portland Oregon. She has a grape vine with about 1.5 feet of dead vine on top of a rickety arbor. She wants to clean away that dead stuff, rebuild the arbor and salvage the living vine. Any suggestions on how to do this?
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    Cut all of the dead canes off, cut all the way
    back to live wood.

    If the purpose is to repair the arbor your friend
    can cut the vine back to 2-3-4 feet tall if need
    be, make the needed repairs and then train the
    vines next year to grow up on the arbor again.
    Grapes can handle severe pruning in most locales.
    Sometimes, the vines will greatly benefit from
    a severe pruning, old vines (20-30 years old or
    more) especially.


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