Pruning Q's (+Citrus): Open Center Form

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by Junglekeeper, Jun 22, 2005.

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    Q1. Pruning books typically provide description of how this is done along with various diagrams. However the drawings are always from a sideview and never from above the tree or shrub. Since the open center form is similar in shape to a goblet, would it be safe to say the view from the top would look like a circle of foliage surrounding a number of branches which more or less radiate out from the center stem?

    I pruned a bush this way and it does indeed look like a goblet but the 'hole' in the center looks a bit strange to me. Is this the way it's supposed to look?

    Q2. Since this is a citrus bush, should it be allowed to grow more or less naturally now that the initial framework has been established? (i.e. Allow it to fill in the center of the goblet?)

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