Beeches: Purple beech tree overproducing seeds

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    Our very mature, purple beech tree in our rear garden is overproducing seeds this summer.

    We have lived in our house for over 15 years and have never ever seen the likes of this activity. We have raked many gallons of seeds and pods during the past month, and it still goes on.

    The debris is very hard and brittle and is falling from a great height (over 100 feet) and we literally fear for any passer-by, including our neighbours strolling in the lane behind the house.

    This production is very unusual, to us. Is the tree trying to tell us something? HELP!
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    It sounds like the tree is responding to stress. Unusual fruit (nut) load is common on stressed trees (and shrubs) as a response to adverse conditions. Beech do not like excess heat, drought or lack of water. In our area we have experienced all three for the last couple of years which is concurrent with seed production. Check to see if there are any other defects or conditions that may be attributing to stress. Check for cankers or wounds, root stress (did you build anything or excavate near the tree?) excess pruning, insect infestation ( repeated rathern than single infestation). If you still have doubts, have a qualified individual come and look at the tree and provide you with information on what to do to help the tree.

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