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    I live on the east coast of Canada. At this time I am trying to give some help to a small purple beech. I planted it about 6yrs ago after recieving it rom the shop. At that time it was about 2-3 ft high. I planted it in a location where it was exposed to the north and north west winds off the lakes. It did not seem to fair very well so 2+ years ago I transplanted it to a sheltered spot from the north west winds. However it still gets wind from the north. It is about 4' tall, with leaves only on the south side, and a lot of small branches which seem to grow even smaller branches and smaller branches. What should i do? What kind of fertilizer, how much water? Should it be sheltered fro the wind? The soil here contain a lot of limestone. Does that help or hinder?
    Other trees, austrian pines, white oaks, blue spruce, laburnum and even a western red cedar seem to be doing ok, although the cedar is very slow! Itwould be very nice to see some health in the beech!
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