Oaks: Quercus nigra

Discussion in 'Fagaceae (beeches, oaks, etc.)' started by wcutler, May 22, 2023.

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    I think this is Quercus nigra. I saw a lot of these in Memorial Park in Houston, Texas. I queried Bing for Quercus paddle-shaped leaves and the Q. nigra photo looked likely, then tried Pl@ntNet and got that result. The leaves are almost unlobed on the sides, often with three lobes at the tip with very shallow sinuses.
    Quercus-nigra_MemorialPark-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230519_092455.jpg Quercus-nigra__MemorialPark-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230519_091053.jpg Quercus-nigra__MemorialPark-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230519_091041.jpg
    Quercus-nigra__MemorialPark-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230519_091037.jpg Quercus-nigra__MemorialPark-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230519_091254.jpg Quercus-nigra__MemorialPark-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230519_092435.jpg

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