Appreciation: Quercus virginiana - Southern Live Oak

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    There are two live oaks in the outdoor seating area at the Beck's Prime hamburger joint in Houston, Texas, with signs saying they are 400 years old. According to Quercus virginiana - Wikipedia, "Southern live oak is very long lived, and there are many specimens that are more than 400 years old in the deep southern United States". I was unable to get any vantage point that included more than a third of either tree. There are a LOT of young versions of these all around Houston, many with impressive horizontal branches.
    Quercus-virginiana-LiveOak_BecksPrime-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230517_182215.jpg Quercus-virginiana-LiveOak_BecksPrime-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230517_182320.jpg Quercus-virginiana-LiveOak_BecksPrime-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230517_182339.jpg Quercus-virginiana-LiveOak_BecksPrime-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230517_182351.jpg Quercus-virginiana-LiveOak_BecksPrime-HoustonTX_Cutler_20230517_182943.jpg

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