Remove your bird feeders: SPCA warns of salmonella transmission

Discussion in 'Gardening for Backyard Biodiversity in Canada' started by Junglekeeper, Jan 25, 2021.

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    Just yesterday, a neighbour was telling me that he is finding many pine siskins dead near his house. I will send him this link tonight. Thank you.
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    In addition to feeding of wild birds using feeders creating disease transmission issues for them due to unnatural congregating there is another problem aspect to it - I recently had an over $7000 rat damage repair here because the sellers of the house I bought in November had been running garbage can sized amounts of sunflower seed (and mixed bird seed) through two small pole mounted plastic bird feeders for years. All of the insulation in both attics and the crawl space was soiled and there were holes gnawed through the wood in multiple places. With in addition tunnels having been dug under the foundation - it was assumed that these led to where the feeders were although so far I have noticed no Norway rat sized openings there.

    In addition some years ago a friend also paid about the same amount to have the effects of rats addressed at a rental property of theirs. A tenant occupying that property had also been feeding birds using a pole mounted feeder and mixed bird seed. During visits there I observed spilled seed carpeting the ground around the pole.
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