Robert Young Bamboo - Is it dead?

Discussion in 'Poaceae' started by iluvbamboo, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Last year I planted some P. Viridis Robert Young. The plants were only 1 yr but had great root mass. This past summer they flourished. After this past winter all the leaves have turned brown. Could this be topkill? Or do they loose their leaves this time of year naturally? I'm in zone 7. I have several other Phyllostachys varieties in similar locations that are fine. I purchased this off ebay so maybe it's not really Robert Young???
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    Maybe you got the more choice but less hardy 'Castillon' by mistake. Established 'Castillon' here is now leafless after maybe 12 degrees F. (estimate based on slight damage to Darwin barberry, which has been said to be hardy to 10 degrees F. and not on use of a max.-min. thermometer).

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