Scarlet lily beetle and Coffee grinds/mulch

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    Hi there, I read on the 'soil' forum that lilies really like coffee grinds. So, since spring I've been dumping my grinds on top of the mulch around all the lily areas. Nothing sophistocated, no special scratching in method, I just dump it in little mounds. The lilies have done so much better. Bigger flowers, more fragrant, taller. Perf!

    Big Bonus - I also don't have nearly as many lily beetles as other folks in my area. Yes, there are some holes in the leaves, and I've picked off maybe 10 since the spring (probably not even that many), but it's hardly the scourge others are facing.

    Have other lily growers who use coffee grinds also noticed the same thing? Is it just dumb luck and next year I'll get hammered? Just wondering, thanks in advance.

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