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Discussion in 'How to Use the Forums' started by MountainGuardian, Aug 8, 2017.

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    I stumbled across this forum searching for a way to propagate my Philodendron, and I ran across a thread in "identification" that was posing the same question, "how to propagate Philodendron from cuttings".

    In the thread I found this post..... "You might want to move this thread to the "Aroid forum". You may get more of a response there. I have never taken a cutting of this species as they are a dime a dozen over here, but I will find out for you or someone may know in the interim

    Ed"............... Posted by edleigh7

    Then this reply by the original poster..... "(moved to aroids)"............ Posted by Daniel Mosquin

    How do I find this "Aroids" portion of the forum?... I have done a number of searches and I am unable to find a section labeled "Aroids"... Does this section still exist? Is it on this site or does it exist on some other site? Is this forum just a part of a much larger forum system and the Aroids is a part of that? If so how do I get to the other sections of the forums?

    I am certain that I could get a lot of use out of this forum, I could probably add a bit as well, but at this moment my only interest is in tracking down this lead on how to propagate my Philodendron plant. Any help understanding how to navigate this forum would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm assuming you got taken from a search directly to a thread, and that's where you started. Since you quoted a statement by Daniel Mosquin that he moved the thread to aroids, the top of the page you were looking at should have looked something like this:
    On the green bar, you would click the word Araceae, to go up one level to all the threads where the one you were looking at resides with the other postings on aroids (Araceae).

    If you didn't know the word Araceae, or if you were in some other sub-forum, on that green bar, you would click the word Forums so you could browse the list of all the sub-forums. When you read down, you would finally come to the section I've screen-printed below, where it mentions the word "aroids" in the description of the Araceae forum, so you would click that sub-forum name.

    Here is a direct link.

    Now since this posting is about using the forums and not about your plant, I'm going to move it to How to Use the Forums, where anyone can post questions about how to use the forums. You will find this sub-forum near the bottom of the forums list, under "About the Forums". We have a Help area: Using the Forums: Help, Tips and Guides | UBC Botanical Garden Forums. I appreciate your question, will look to see if I can incorporate what you asked into one of the Help threads. You can let me know if I'm not on the right track in my reply.
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