Identification: Seeking 'Fukubana' in Victoria, finding 'Accolade'?

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    @eteinindia asked in the thread at Does anyone know the ornamental Cherry named Fukubana in Vancouver or in North America? whether anyone knows of the cultivar 'Fukubana' in North America. @Ron B posted in that thread a link to Arthur Lee Jacobson's 2001 article on Prunus in Victoria:, and Ron quoted the relevant section
    Here is an internet photo that seems to match the description.
    Prunus Fukubana - Flowering Cherry Tree – Mail Order Trees
    Here is another, much lighter in colour
    Prunus 'Fukubana' Flowering Cherry 13'' Pot - Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies (

    I have enlisted two friends in Victoria to find these trees. The first photos I received are from David Riehm, what he took to be the only candidates on Vancouver Street. These look like 'Accolade' to me and that's what I named them. The description in Douglas Justice's Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver for 'Accolade' includes "colour strongest at top edge and palest at base" and "[flowers] abundantly produced on sparsely hairy pedicels in tightly clustered, few-flowered corymbs". Hairs are evident in the second photo.
    Fukubana-or-Accolade_VancouverStHumboldt_DavidReihm_IMG_20220313_171823932_HDR.jpg Fukubana-or-Accolade_VancouverStHumboldt_DavidReihm_IMG_20220313_171834546_HDR.jpg Fukubana-or-Accolade_VancouverStHumboldt_DavidReihm_IMG_20220313_175843720.jpg

    Vern Gelette has sent photos of several of the trees on Vancouver Street south of Humboldt. Most of them seem to me have flowers like the ones above. I would say all of these are 'Accolade'. I'll try to get these guys out again in two weeks to see if something else pops up.

    Vancouver St just north of Park Blvd
    Tree05_VancouverStParkBlvd_VernGelette_20200312_2082550323894520159_n.jpg Tree05_VancouverStParkBlvd_VernGelette_20200312_5365346229598260549_n.jpg

    West side of Vancouver St one-half block north of Park Blvd. Blossoms belong to the tree on the left
    Tree07_VancouverSt-NofParkBlvd_VernGelette_20200312_2079282772684968000_n.jpg Tree07_VancouverSt-westside-NofParkBlvd_VernGelette_20200312_2002657411938025543_n.jpg

    Vancouver St between Oliphant and Sutlej

    Next tree north of the one above
    Tree14_VancouverSt-Oliphant-to-Sutlej_VernGelette_20200312_2466582713198145964_n.jpg Tree14_VancouverSt-Oliphant-to-Sutlej_VernGelette_20200312_7525777461373035798_n.jpg

    Vancouver between Sutlej and Pendergast

    Vancouver at Pendergast
    Tree17_VancouverSt-Sutlej-to-Pendergast_VernGelette_20200312_1261503824597781272_n.jpg Tree17_VancouverSt-Sutlej-to-Pendergast_VernGelette_20200312_1578955403823127587_n.jpg Tree17_VancouverSt-Sutlej-to-Pendergast_VernGelette_20200312_8994399687153232417_n.jpg

    Vancouver St between Pendergast and Southgate
    Tree24_VancouverSt-Pendergast-to-Southgate_VernGelette_20200312_46931083751199001_n.jpg Tree24_VancouverSt-Pendergast-to-Southgate_VernGelette_20200312_2900808896933504908_n.jpg Tree24_VancouverSt-Pendergast-to-Southgate_VernGelette_20200312_6661338846473444153_n.jpg Tree24_VancouverSt-Pendergast-to-Southgate_VernGelette_20200312_72073433238855756192_n.jpg

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