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    The following was received via email:

    I hope this is the proper place to ask this question. I have previously used Smartcote in hanging baskets, this year I purchased Nutricote which I was told is a good once per year fertilizer that I can use in hanging baskets and also my garden beds. Smartcote (14-14-14) is supposed to be a 6 month slow release fertilizer and the Nutricote Type 100 (14-14-14) is a 100 day slow release fertilizer. My question is what would the difference be? In Nova Scotia the growing season is only about 4 months and the Smartcote seems to be a cheaper product, however, it seems to be recommended more for hanging baskets. Any advise would be appreciated.
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    Any contact information on the bag, like a toll-free telephone number or web address? What about the vendor you got these products from? Do they have salespeople you can ask about the products they stock?

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