So my succulents seem to be sick (clearly)

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    hi thanks for the account approval. Glad to be here.
    So, I bought these to start my gardening career. It’s been about a month now...
    Well during week two I noticed some little black spider like bugs on the
    Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' . I get this organic 3 in 1. (Because rubbing alcohol is completely sold out where I live still.) and the bugs are gone, but it’s seems very weak still. Any tips or ideas? Also, I was wondering about what I could do to propagate it? image.jpg
    One of My ghost plants have developed a weird scar or scab like deformation on the stem, and the under parts of the leaves had turned severely black in the matter of 24 hours of noticing the first small black spot. A lot has cleared up but it’s still there. And the roots (I just found out last night )are like white hairs that have split ends. I’m concluding that maybe I should just get rid of the poor plant :/ image.jpg image.jpg
    The biggest ghost plant I have had a hole almost through one leaf. CCE129F5-B9C1-4F88-9EC4-A088C117B3A5.jpeg After two weeks of using the 3 in 1, it seems to be filling in. image.jpg
    The ghost plant in the same pot has leaves wilting that aren’t the bottom leaves. I just read last night that’s something to be a little concerned about.. image.jpg
    The baby necklace has some leaves that are dried up but hard as rock. image.jpg But the plant seems fine otherwise. Or so I thought til I pulled it from the soil to remove the ghost plant that was on the same pot ... image.jpg
    my rainbow elephant Bush doesn’t seem too good either but not too bad either. image.jpg
    Oh and like four of the plants at least have these white balls on them? image.jpg
    As for the rest, they seem to be over water problems. I haven’t watered any of the pots for a week now. Was gonna wait for the leaves to be super empty.
    Uhm I’m thinking about propagation with all the plants.. but aren’t they supposed to be healthy plants?
    Super hoping I can just propagate all of them and make new ones and discard these ones. Any advice tips and tricks would help and be much appreciated.

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