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    Last summer, after moving into our home, we realized the soil was all sand gravel and weeds. We purchaed 7 large trucks of triple mix and a large truck of top soil to start turning this unlawn into a garden. We planted approx. 100 perennials. We added a good thick layer of mulch on top.
    Well, the triple mix is really blue clay and when you dig a hole and fill it with water, the water is still there 24 hours later! My plan is to mark it into gridlines, move back the mulch and work each grid with leaves, perlite, aggregate and... I dont want to have to take up all these perennials. The only good thing is that the plant holes were dug large and good potting mix was used in each hole to plant in. I can probably get a small enough rototiller to go between the plants.
    Does this plan sound reasonable and should I add anything else?

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