Splitting Pampas Grass

Discussion in 'Poaceae' started by ab2401, Mar 27, 2008.

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    I'm not sure if I'm in the right part of this forum as I am new here.

    I have a pampas grass in my yard, on one side of my drive way I would like to add another to the other side. Although I am trying to go about it the cheap way and would like to split and/or take a cutting from it and re plant to the other side of my drive way.

    How do I go about doing this?

    The plant has some green leaves and some dead one. The little fluffy things at the top are gone and there are just sticks left standing.

    HELP ME PLEASE! we just moved here and I really want to get my yard looking nice.
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    A flat type spade that had been sharpened on a grinding wheel is what you'll need to divide the clump. A nice sharp edge will help immensely when cutting through the tough root mass. Long sleeves, gloves and eye protection are recommended as the leaf margins can cut skin easily.
    They might look a bit unbalanced at first but with regular watering they'll fill out nicely again in several months. Maybe divide it in such a way that it looks good from the street view. Passers-by will never notice.

    Cheers, LPN.
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    Or you could get a young one from a nursery. They don't take long to grow. I am assuming here that your area is fairly warm and gets rain. They are considered weeds in some places that's how well they grow. Don't have them too close to the drive or you will get scratched cars and people may get cut if too close.

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