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    "Early Spring?" is about when various species begin to get out of dormancy.

    Now, in various places where members grow maples some trees are displaying what I personally prefer, their spring colours.

    Little Princess - Momoiro koya san - Phoenix - Orange Dream - Katsura - Tama hime :

    acerp-mapi02_210324a.jpg acerp-momoiro_210324a.jpg acerph02m01_210324a.jpg acerp_orangedream03_210324a.jpg acerpkat02_210324b.jpg acerp-tamahime01_210324a.jpg

    I have Acer burgerianum from different sources, their colour is like this one :


    I also picked seeds in a park in 2018 that, at first, some suggested it was a variety of Acer tataricum", but the leaves look definitely like A. buergerianum, except that their colour, especially in the spring is much more into the reds. I went back to this park last week, the (small) trees have been removed, so it's all the more difficult to identify the "mother" tree :


    Flowers forming on Acer tataricum :


    And an interesting seedling from a batch of "mixed Acer palmatum" from the UBC seed exchange. Doesn't it look promissing ?... ;^)


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