Standard silver Pine loaded with moss

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by vicarious1, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Hi. We have two silver pines in pots standing and growing well in front of our home full south on a hill for over ten years.
    This of summer as I was pruning all our juniper hedges I also clipped them to smaller balls as they became
    to much like tumbrealla shaped and in our faces when we walked up and down.

    Today as the rain stopped a bit I discovered they are totally loaded with moss.
    Before they has a bit of moss on the bottom branches in the shady areas. But nothin like this now.
    Are they in risk of dying or will the sun get rid of it again?
    What to do to save them or treat them?
    I don't see myself spraying them with Moss away or some stuff like that.
    I am surprised as actually by trimming them the sun light would be more able to center.
    Thank you

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    They're Blue Spruce Picea pungens. I can't see the moss doing any serious harm, a dry spell will finish it off, and quite likely birds will pull a lot out for nests in the spring.

    It was a mistake to cut them back so much though - spruces don't take well to pruning. You won't get any new growth on the cut branches, they don't regrow in the same way that plants like Yew, Box or Privet do.

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