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    Last year, I saw what at fist looked like some kind of Crassula, but on closer examination, I saw that it had clusters of 5 leaves, so it couldn't be a Crassula. I took it to see the name, and there was none, only a price-tag. But I noticed one of the "branches" was damaged and hanging loose. I looked around, no one was watching, so I snapped it and put it in my pocket. Anyway, it would have dried and been lost, eh ?... ^_^

    Back home, I removed the leaves from the base and put it in a plastic pot, a layer of 3-5 mm of pozzolane at the bottom, 30% of "repotting soil" and 70% of aquarium sand on top, with 100% of sand at the top. It must have been in July or so. I kept it indoors, by a window in an unheated room (min. temp 13°, max. 40°), watering it sparingly.

    Although the leaves were still green and looked healthy, I didn't think it was alive. But When the temperatures went higher this spring, new leaves unfolded !

    So I suppose that what I did from instinct was not that bad after all. It was the first time I'd seen one like that here (France), was the only one in the garden center, and about twice the price for other succulents on the same table (Portulacaria, Crassula, etc.).

    The question is : what is it ? And how can I make it as healthy as possible ?

    succ-nonid_200606a.jpg succ-nonid_200606b.jpg

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