Propagation: Sugar Maple Seed Requests

Discussion in 'Maples' started by sgbotsford, Apr 19, 2011.

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    See my post on Japanese Maples too. This is the same sort of deal, but I'm looking for people who have sugar maples, preferably other than "Unity" in zone 3 on the prairies. I'm looking for hybrid varietal seed.

    Minimum of 300 seeds per parent plant. 1000 would be fine. Whatever stuffs into an envelope easily.

    Sherwood Botsford
    RR 1, Site 2, Box 5
    Warburg, Alberta, T0C 2T0

    email sgbotsford at gmail
    tel: 780 848 2548.

    If you are willing to participate in this project, drop me a line, letting me know when your maples are ripe. I'll phone or email you and remind you close to the time. I will send you a pre-stamped pre-addressed envelope. Pictures of the parent tree are nice too. (Electronic is fine)

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