The Maple Society presents a snapshot of current taxonomy in Acer

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    The Maple Society is proud to present the work of our Species Group. This group of eminent dendrologists has complied what is currently the most up-to-date list of species names and authorities for the genus Acer.

    The list is now posted on the Maple Society web site, where you can also download a pdf copy for reference.

    Accepted Names for the Genus Acer | The Maple Society

    The Maple Society Species Group comprises:

    - Koen Camelbeke, Arboretum Wespelaar, Belgium, Chairperson
    - Hugh Angus, formerly at Westonbirt, UK
    - Dan Crowley, BGCI, UK
    - Anthony Aiello, Morris Arboretum, USA
    - Douglas Justice, UBC Botanical Garden, Canada


    Acer pubinerve was known as Acer wuyuanense in many minds.

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