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    Yaletown neighbourhood
    The Parks Board seems to consider the Coal Harbour area part of the West End as the Coal Harbour Community Centre is operated as a part of the West End Community Centre. The old neighbourhood boundaries for VCBF though now have a pretty decent history as they are so it would be a lot of work to start redefining and moving old posts around. I find Yaletown is different from the Downtown Core which is different from "Hastings Crossing" (Victory Square) - each has their own Business Improvement Association - so having Coal Harbour included in Downtown is somewhat geographically odd but ok. Per the map, UBC has its own website area and it is shown in grey on the map like Stanley Park so there is a precedent. Maybe Burnaby, Richmond, North Shore and Surrey should have neighbourhoods defined now.

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    Neighbourhood (living) areas are defined by City of Vancouver for resource management with average population.
    You can find it at Areas of the city

    You can find West End community at West End
    and its boundary at West End Community Plan

    Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park are under City Parks board and UBC is under BC provincial government.
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    I have moved the two previous postings from another thread, which were responses to my musings about separating the West End from Stanley Park, as they blooming times can be quite different, with the West End being a little hot house, the earliest neighbourhood to bloom. What I said was
    There are major problems splitting up existing neighbourhood threads, as @yaletowner has suggested, which would make sense for the outside-Vancouver whole city neighbourhoods. The most problematical issue is that the Neighbourhoods Map has links back to the threads where the marker locations were posted with photos. The links are constructed with a built-in page number, and they do not work properly without the page number. We have not convinced the forum software people to change the way the links work, and I am not up to relinking over 1000 map entry links.

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