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    I haven't been doing any writing here this year, but I don't feel too bad (except for not linking to her postings earlier in the season). The blogging has been ably taken over by the festival's blogger Jessica Tremblay. She swears she's new to this cherry ID stuff, but she got a copy of Douglas Justice's Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver, and off she went to look at trees. She writes like a pro, and you can find her stuff in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Blog.

    Here are some of her postings:

    Crab apples

    Prunus Avium

    Shogetsu versus Shirofugen

    Amanogawa (Heaven’s river) cherry tree

    What are the parts of a cherry blossom?

    Akebono versus Somei-Yoshino: what’s the difference?

    Blossom Biology workshop

    Cherry tree talk and walk at VanDusen

    Cherry versus Plum Blossoms: What’s the Difference?

    How to identify cherry blossoms

    There were earlier postings on cherries in bloom, and several other postings on festival activities.
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