Transplant to slightly larger container.

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    I'm looking at a job bidding on 5000 seeding trees bought as your typical forestry seedling plugs (412's) and transplanting them into 1.5" x 7 inch cone-tainers for a trade show.

    The problem is that there is only about 1/4" space around the seedling. How do I fill this narrow a space efficiently?

    My first thought was to use a mix of sand and very fine peatmoss, but this doesn't flow evenly enough.

    My second thought is to get a slurry pump, and repeatedly fill and let drain the cells.

    Anyone done anything like this.
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    Good Morning,
    Push the plug flush against a side and you'll get 1/2" space. Fill that with dry garden soil mixed with sand. This mixture flows very evenly. It's easier to water after transplanting as dry sand and soil absorb water more readily than dry peat moss and sand. Hope that helps.

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