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    MD zone 7a
    I want to buy and plant a dogwood tree. The first one has leaves that are larger, greener and more plentiful than the second tree.

    But the second tree has already been transplanted, which the seller says is an advantage, having already gone through that. The second tree’s leaves are smaller and are turning brown and wrinkled as you would expect in October.

    The greener one was irrigated more and sprayed more. The seller recommends getting the one that has already been transplanted, which is a year or two ahead of the other one. He says they’ll both be the same within a year or year and a half.

    He seems like an honest guy but maybe he’s trying to get rid of the older trees. He has just a few of those and has a ton of the greener ones, which the landscapers prefer buying because people want a green tree right away.

    I’m going to plant it in a spot that has several hours of sun but mostly shade.

    Which one would grow better? What are the advantages of each? I’m in zone 7a in Maryland. Thanks.

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    The first one is struggling and should not be considered.
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    Looking at your 2 pictures, it seems to me that it is the second one whose leaves are larger, greener and more plentiful.
    Whichever tree you choose, it will have a better chance of survival if you wait until it is dormant, ie. after the leaves have fallen.

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