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    Surrey, BC
    We have recently moved and would like to transplant 3 plants from our old home to our new. The plants are:
    1. A small ornamental maple tree, about 5 ft. high
    2. A cypress bush
    3. A small rose bush

    Is it too cold now to do this safely? Should we wait until Spring?
    I live in Surrey.

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    WA USA (Z8)
    If the soil on the digging and the replanting sites is not frozen any time during the winter is suitable in local maritime climates. An exception being when a lingering Arctic front is forecast, wherein continental conditions will be temporarily in effect. With it probably being best to not dig the plants right as such is looming - there will not be a lot of root growth until spring bud break regardless. So be sure to mulch well (at least 4 in. deep) after replanting.
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    South Okanagan & Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
    I agree with RonB

    Usually I’m a fan of autumn planting when it’s still mild (tho plant stores think May is planting season out here at coast)

    often up here, there is a sudden first deep cold around USA Thanksgiving (which was yesterday Thursday)

    QUESTION - I wonder if the plants would be replaceable ?

    in other words - instead of digging and risking replant etc - can you just go and get same or similar from plant nursery store and save the plants the stress

    I understand some details are sentimental and have meaning for your upcoming transition

    just wondering from practical viewpoint

    AND - is the proposed new location of similar soil and vantage (sunlight / rain / wind) etc

    a couple of thoughts from someone who does tote plants around :)

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