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Discussion in 'Japanese Gardens' started by Nandan Kalbag, Apr 16, 2014.

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    I have been making small tray landscapes from styrofoam, which comes as packing material. The Machan landscape, including the tree trunk is of styrofoam. I keep succulent plant cuttings to depict plants in these landscapes. They last long. When they wilt, I replace them with fresh ones.Instead of dumping styrofoam, I thought this is better. I am also fond of making models of huts, cottages etc. from Bamboo, styrofoam, paper etc. A few photographs are attached herewith.

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    Very nice work, I can certainly appreciate your creativity and patience in replicating all the small details. Thank you for sharing! This is a brilliant idea to repurpose plain Styrofoam into something beautiful, you are very creative!

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