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    After 16 years of gardening at my place (both food and flower) my sister told me to try turkey manure. We live close to a turkey farm and we had a load delivered, spread it in our gardens. We grew what I could only say as alien vegies this year. My hats off to the turkeys!!!! This amendment will always be used by me and everyone that has seen my gardens. We are still harvesting pounds of tomatoes and peppers from our greenhouse. That is good, cause we love to process salsa!!! I have always used horse manure and compost around here (and we have lots) and that stuff is great too, but nothing can compare to turkey.

    Another interesting thing that I never actually realized was: I was rather neglectful of watering one particular patch of my gardens this year and it was the root crops. These obviously grow with gusto when their roots have to search hard for water. I knew this from my years of working with flowers in my gardens, deep sporadic watering is (in my gardens) more beneficial than constant moisture. The root crops in the dry garden surpassed 100 fold some of the same root crops that I had mixed in with my gardens that I liberally water. Just some interesting stuff, I guess that gardeners simply learn and learn, welcoming tips from other gardeners is our best method of becoming better gardeners.
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    Hi Cindi,

    Thanks for sharing that! This site shows comparisons of what's in several different manures and I thougt you might like to see it. Turkey is very similar to hens.

    Deep and less frequent watering seems to be best for just about everything I grow, not just my root veggies. :)


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