Using duckweed as a fertilizer.

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    I have a medium sized fish pond in my front yard that gets covered with duckweed in the summer. This pond happen to be frequented by racoons that use the area as a latrine. Both of these being near to impossible to get rid of. To clean up the racoon's mess which can some times stick to the surrounding rocks and plants I simply wash down with a hose into the pond feeding the duckweed which flourishes as the result of this food source. When the duckweed becomes a problem in the pond I remove it with a garden rake and throw it in a pile. Now I am thinking of using this as a fertilizer around the yard. Should it be dried first or put directly around the plants?

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    Either will do. If using it on food crop plants, compost it first, in case there's any nasty micoorganisms in from the raccoon turds.

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