VanDusen BG Lecture - Medicinal Plants in Horticulture (Jan 23, 2024)

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    Tuesday, January 23rd, 6:30 – 7:30 pm  

    Medicinal plants are everywhere in our lives, but we don’t often realize it: dandelions grow by the roadside, we drink peppermint tea in cafés, and buy bouquets with safflower and sweet Annie. Ornamental horticulture is similar: a wide variety of medicinal plants can be found as aesthetic specimens in gardens and nurseries, but their traditional medical uses and curative properties are unadvertised, and often unknown.

    In this presentation, Christiaan Spangenberg will provide an introduction to medicinal plants in ornamental horticulture (with a focus on plants in traditional Chinese herbal medicine). He will cover context and history, and present a number of fascinating and uncommon medicinal plants found in nurseries and gardens. He will end by considering approaches to gardening with medicinal plants.

    (online, $15)

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