Vanilla Blood Orange Harvest

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    Today we harvested the Vanilla Blood orange (Vaniglia Sanguigno). A nice basket-full of oranges from our little tree. The tree itself is about 6' tall and only really just getting going producing fruit. It appears it will be quite prolific.

    The Vanilla Blood orange fruit are very sweet, with low acidity and just a hint of vanilla flavour. The flesh has a nice pink-orange colour while the peel is yellow-orange. Easy to peel and great for eating fresh.

    Very juicy with a distinctive taste in the juice. Some people love the taste while others prefer a more tart flavour, which can be achieved by mixing the juice with a tart citrus such as limequats.

    Use the following URL to see our notes on the Vanilla Blood Orange: Orange, Vaniglia Sanguigno | Aprici

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