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  1. I planted 200 cabernet sauvignon and some merlot, pinot noir and chardonay in the hudson valley in new york. They were bought bare root from double A vineyard on grafted rootstock. First year was great with vigorous growth. Second year started great again vigorous growth and then in August leaves turned brown and dry and fell off rapidly-within a week- then only a handful of plants leafed this year- year three- They are all dead. I am thinking maybe downey mildew but am hoping to replant Any ideas or suggestions. Am concerned that my planting site can be somewhat wet in spring could this be the problem and if so what kind of drainage is reccomended? Thanks
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    Just a few quick notes and some questions.

    Downy Mildew should not have killed your vines
    outright unless they were absolutely covered and
    I mean covered with the fungus.

    Can you describe how the vines died other than
    the dropping of the leaves? Were there dark spots
    on the leaves, then a noticeable yellowing of the
    leaves and then they dropped off or what? Have
    you had anyone check for graft incompatibility?

    As far as your cultural program how often did
    you water and describe your watering procedure
    such as overhead sprinklers, drip system etc..?
    When did you fertilize, how much Nitrogen was
    applied for each vine and how well did you water
    in the fertilizer?

    If I were you I would contact the Cornell Cooperative
    Extension or if need be contact your State Department
    of Agriculture and see if they can have someone come
    out to look at your vines. I would want an opinion from
    someone that really knows their Grapes before I ever
    thought of replanting. The cause of the death of the
    vines must be known or at least have the growing ground
    cleared for replanting before I would contemplate going
    back in with more vines. You have to play it smart or
    you may end up doing this allover again.

    Grapes just do not die that easily even when hit
    hard by most diseases and insects. There is one
    insect, actually two of them that can kill a vine in
    one season and should you have either one, you
    will be flat out told, not just a simple piece of
    advice but told not to replant Grapes.

    I hope you still have some of the dead vines around
    but I think you need a qualified person to come out
    where you are and do a thorough review of what went

    Good luck,


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