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    Hi- I've spent a few hours reading the previous posts on this forum and have learned a lot. Thanks.

    I'm going to be planting some grape vines in the sunniest spot I have and would love some brainstorming help for the actual growing structure, based on the limited space I have. It seems like some kind of columnar thing would fit best.

    The wall of my garage that faces South is where I'd like to plant it. There is about 6-8 feet of available wall and then a single-car garage door (no longer used for cars, but I don't want to block it) that's around 8 feet high. On the other side of that door is a rose and butterfly bush I'd be happy to whack back or remove. The arbor couldn't come out too far, or it will block our path.

    Also, I have dense clay soil. Would lime be appropriate to mix in? How much? What about home compost?

    I've removed a rose that was growing on the spot and was planning to dig deep around the whole area, amend the soil however you folks advise me, put some plastic over the soil for a week or so, then plant my cutting (which I'm cutting from someone else's vine tomorrow). Then cover in plastic while the frost danger is still here???

    Also I'm in Portland, OR.

    Thanks for advice!

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