Website and Sending pictures over the Internet.

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    Website and Sending pictures over the Internet.

    This method is for posting pictures on forums, so they are easy to view, or for sending via E mail.

    Website and Sending pictures over the Internet If a tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it, does it make a noise? This applies to those wonderful, pictures you have on your computer. Sharing them with others is fun and they may even like to view them. I have tried all methods and this procedure I present here is by far the best. It is relatively cheap and non-intrusive for the recipient. I have about 20 thousand photos on my site over a time period of several years. They are always available by sending the URL via E mail. This method is far superior to all the free websites that allow people to post pictures.

    The general procedure is: Download your pictures from camera to a directory on your computer. Open Breezebrowser to make an HTML file. Upload this file using FTP to the pub directory on your website. Copy the URL from the website and put it in your browser address line and hit go. Copy the address line and past into the Short URL table in Copy this short URL and send it anywhere you like and anybody can open the directory to your pictures. This method is far superior to all the free websites that allow people to post pictures. I upload photos within literally minutes of getting home from a shoot, and notify all the recipients via E mail as to the URL of the site.

    Method for Handling Photographs for distribution.
    Get a web site. Probably less than $7.00 per month. There are many but here is one:

    Get Breezebrowser to make HTML of your photos, to file, plus annotation if necessary. It only requires a few minutes to process pictures at any size ready for uploading to the website.

    Get WS FTP or any other FTP program to upload your photos to your web site.

    Here is a a sample of the web site. This is a short URL using but there are others. The pictures were taken by a couple on a three week cruise in Europe. I posted them on my website as a favour.The site is Pompey.

    Short URL provided free. This is a convenience since some URL's are very long.

    Using the method described above you are free of the shrills and their constant advertising on the various "Free" photo websites. Your site will be clean and fast. The uploaded photos will be excellent for viewing but not for printing, due to small file size.(About 50K is required for each square inch of print)

    If the users want prints you can send the originals at a size that they can print using this free software via E mail.

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