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    I haven't reported anything in this blog since February 20, and that's because there's nothing new to report. The 'Whitcomb' trees came into bloom in the West End, but nowhere else. Sure, some blossoms on the trees in the rest of the city, but nothing you can see from a block away.

    And 'Accolade' are not out yet even in the West End, though again, there are blossoms to be seen but not from any distance.
    It's gone back to being winter, and those trees are keeping their buds till warmer weather, for now.

    Douglas Justice and I were discussing whether 'Whitcomb' and 'Accolade' bloom at the same time. My take on this right now is that if 'Whitcomb' are early, 'Accolade' are later, but if 'Whitcomb' bloom late, the 'Accolade' catch up to them. So those two cultivars that Douglas sees (not in the West End) will come out around the same time. Well, the West End 'Whitcomb' should still have some of their blossoms (the ones that haven't gotten blown off by the March winds) when the 'Accolade' come out here, but the 'Whitcomb' blossoms will have faded to almost 'Accolade' colour by then. So the rest of the city wins on the display, but we had the early bit of excitement.

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