What are these insects (pests) called?

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    We have a tree we planted about 2 years ago. During certain periods of the year, its leaves start to look burnt at the edges. I always thought it would be because of amount of rainfall or sunshine, until we started to remove the burnt, very damaged leaves and I happened to look at the underside of the leaves, and found a bunch of incredibly alien looking insects I had never seen before. It was here that, I believe I am correct, and hope...that I realized they are the reason the leaves start to die. I still do not know what they are, but there were just toooo many of them underneath the leaves it looked bit a gross, especially I noticed, the leaves that displayed the most damage.

    It may not look like much in the green photo, but there were dozens of them.
    The tree is Tacoma Stans. I did not find pests for it on the internet...so far

    For now, all I can think of to help the plant, is to dislodge them with water at a high pressure and see if they come back too quickly. I dont know if they have wings, I could not see any flying. It also looks as if they had a needle or something on their face.

    I took some not too great photos.


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    That's bad luck - Tecoma stans are supposed to be generally trouble free. Do you think it could be a moth? I did find one page on tecoma leaf tier moth (Antigastra catalaunalis) in Arizona.
    What is Damaging my Tecoma Plants? • Titan Tree Care (titantreeaz.com)
    The first suggestion there is to do nothing except clean up trim off the dead bits and consider it natural pruning.
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    Check out the Treehopper family. Possibly Campylenchia species. It's hard to see detail in the 2 photos but it's a possibility.

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