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Discussion in 'Maples' started by RJJ, Sep 14, 2006.

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    It was 4 months ago when I purchased my 1st house. I never imagined I'd get "into gardening." The house I purchased had several garden beds surrounding the property and I got a, you know a inkling to add a bit of personal touch to it. I went to a few local nurseries and walked around to gain a general prospective of what nature had to offer. Immediately I took a liking to the various forms of Acer Palmatum. Nothing looks cooler than a large bonsai tree, to me at least.

    My first investment was Japanese Maples - Vertrees. I learned a lot from that Bible of Maples. I was then ready to make my first purchase. To date I have 10 Maples and I guess my point is that I'm thankful to have discovered Japanese Maples and this web site. It's good to know you all and I very much appreciate being a part of your forum.

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    You are most welcome to the forum. Since you are in New York, check out this thread, where Dan Otis has shared some of his successes and losses through at least ten years of maples in New York winters. Some are planted; many are in pots. It sounds as though you planted your ten cultivars out in beds this summer. What a great start! Some cultivars are hardier than others, however. Also check out the notice regarding the Maple Society meeting at the Morris Arboretum in October. One of the speakers is from Rosade Bonsai Studio. Are you lucky enough to be within a short drive of native sugar maples? Your love of maples is unlikely to end with Acer palmatum.

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