Wild Grape Harvesting?

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  1. i am going into the business of harvesting wild, as in, found in the bush 3 km off the nearest highway as thick as yer thigh wild grape vines, for the hobbiest and I was wondering if anyone knew of an existing market?

    I have been looking on the web to no avail.

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    There's a market for just about anything these days, but you will have to positively ID the plants to interest most buyers.
    Are you thinking of selling the vines or the fruit?
    I think you will find that most places have restrictions on the harvesting (commercial or otherwise) of plant stock, and rightly so. Most jurisdictions restrict the movement of plant stock across borders, international, provincial/state, or even counties.

    Just a bit of history: a long time ago (over a century) someone thought American grapes would grow just fine in Europe. Well they were right, but within 20 years over 80 percent of the European vinyards were dead from introduced disease.
    Please be careful.

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