Will a red maple grow in a container (not japanese)

Discussion in 'Maples' started by luvkiefers, Feb 4, 2009.

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    I live on a highway that in the next 2 to 5 yrs. will be widened. I will have to move. My question is I have 2 red maple trees I would like to grow in containers so I can take them with me. They are bare root trees about 3ft. Will they live in the container & after I move & put them in the ground will they grow to full size? I am a Tree Lover & can't stand the thought of leaving them to be bulldozed down. I all ready have to leave 13 silver maples I planted 12 yrs. ago, before I knew about the states plans.
    Thanks so much for any advice! Mary
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    Hi there--

    Sure, they will grow fine in containers, and will later grow to full size. I have some silvers and reds I've grown in pots for ten years. If they are about 3' tall now, they will probably double in size in a couple of years. You'll have to water them consistently in the summer, of course, but once the leaves have dropped in the fall they can just be left outside without attention (at least, they can up here in New York--maybe they would dry out down there, but here everything is too wet or too frozen to dry out). A mulch on the pot will reduce (but not eliminate) the need for watering.

    Good luck. One of the pleasures of putting a pot-grown plant in the ground is watching it take off after a couple of years.

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    Grown commercially in containers, as are many other frequently planted ornamentals.

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