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Discussion in 'Maples' started by Dr. Cindy, Apr 28, 2006.

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    I am new to this forum and am hoping to get some advice. I just planted a 1-gal. Wilson's Pink Dwarf a couple months ago in an area of full sun. It had been grown in a greenhouse, and suffered some frost damage. This week has been beautifully sunny and warm, up to 75 degrees, and today almost all of the leaves looked like they were fried to a crisp! I knew that this cultivar was susceptible to late frost damage, and am now assuming that it cannot take full sun. Can anyone confirm this for me? Also, if I replant it in a part shade area, will it recover? It was just starting to put out some new leaves before the warmer weather hit. I don't know if I can expect any more buds to develop or not. It just looks absolutely horrible now. I am thinking of putting an Aratama in its place, but now have to find a spot for the Wilson's. Thanks for any advice!
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    Hi Cindy,

    I have found that this is a very tempermental maple to grow...but well worth the effort. Some years it comes out strong with no problems and other years...such as this one it gets hammered. Excessive rain and cold weather will damage it too... especially when young. In general, I suggest to place it in a sheltered place. Morning sun and afternoon shade is the best. As the tree grows larger, like most JM, it will become stronger. You might want to consider growing it in a pot for a year or two before you plant it out into the landscape. That way you can baby it unitl it gets stronger.

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