Wilsons Pink Dwarf

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    Just thought i would post a picture of my WPD yes there is one under there somewhere!!
    Planted this some years back and just below the graft the host plant decided to make a break for it so i thought ok let's see what and who you are, well over the next three years i have had a massive growth from just below the graft, two strong branches one to the front and one to left completely dwarfing (no pun) the WPD.

    Two weeks ago i thought right you are to big now and growing very quickly and was having trouble just to walk past, although it did look quite impressive and i was tempted to let it grow just till after the fall then cut back. But i could see the WPD was growing but no colour was coming through and at the end of the day that's what i planted so both branches were cut back and after two weeks the colour is starting to come back to my Wilsons. Hopefully it will continue to flourish in the coming years but any new growths from the cuts will be monitired and trimmed this time.

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