Wintering hibiscus

Discussion in 'Hibiscus' started by colsen, Dec 20, 2009.

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    I have 2 tropical hibiscus, I brought them indoors for the Winter and I am not sure how often should I water them and if I should trim them at all. I have them by a sliding door and they receive sun light pretty much all day long (not direct sun). Any comments are appreciated.
    Thank you..
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    If you search the web for "hibiscus care" or similar good directions can be found. In a nutshell a tropical evergreen wanting warm, bright and humid (greenhouse) conditions. As with similarly adapted shrubs such as gardenias dropping of parts in response to indoor situations, as well as persistent bug infestations are both possible.

    Nevertheless, the previous location of my town's public library had an approximately head-high one growing in a large pot in the middle of the large main room - at the farthest possible point from the windows. I remember it had dusty leaves with a structure made in response to the lower light levels, yet lived and even bloomed there. There were no other plants or anything else near it to boost the humidity.

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