Yard Machine (Six Pictures)

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    URL to6 pictures of a yard machine

    I bought this marvellous machine 10 HP about 3 years past. I drag it out of the shed when I have a pile of spent plants ready for shredding. It will handle tree limbs up to about 2 inches in diameter. Sod is torn in pieces and put through: the mositure content of sod must be considered, if too wet it will sometimes clog and if too dry it will create a lot of dust. If sod is just damp it will go through just like plant stalks. In the past I used to cut the plant stalks on a block with a machette. The machine is ideal.

    I have about half an acre and obviously one must balance the requirement as to cost.

    Serious gardening has a lot of labour envolved and power machines certainly ease the burden at a cost in money.

    When I feel ambitious the compost pile is forked over to an adjoining bin to aerate the material and to assist in the decomposition process.

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